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Over 500 items added to new mark downs


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Rakuten Super Points at

Rakuten Super Points at introduced another great discount method is Rakuten Super Points, you will get these points when you do the shopping.

Use these points along with coupon codes to get more worth-able discount.

here are the more details about rakuten super points super points super points has given some of the following faqs about this program:


Why Don’t I Earn Rakuten Super Points With’s Guest Checkout, PayPal Express, Google Checkout, and Checkout by Amazon?

Certain payment methods bypass our checkout process and take customers off our site for payment without logging into their accounts here at PayPal Express, Google Checkout, and Checkout by Amazon all work this way, and it is currently not possible to earn/redeem Rakuten Super Points when customers checkout with these types of payment methods. We will continue to work with these partners to allow Rakuten Super Points through use of their alternative payment systems.

Where can I use Rakuten Super Points?

Rakuten Super Points you earn/accrue at are only valid on and not currently valid on’s International Sites or Rakuten’s group sites or with any other third party site.

What are Rakuten Super Points?

The Rakuten Super Points program is our way of thanking you for your loyalty. The more qualifying purchases you make on, the more Rakuten Super Points you receive. Once your points mature, you can redeem them and use them to pay for new orders on Rakuten Super Points are broken down into two types: Standard Points which apply generally to all purchases (subject to the general restrictions and excluding purchases where Promotional Points apply) and Promotional Points which are awarded under special Rakuten Super Point promotions.

How do I earn Rakuten Super Points?

You earn Rakuten Super Points by placing orders on Most purchases qualify. No enrollment is necessary but certain restrictions apply, including these:

  • You must use a account (guest checkout orders do not qualify)
  • Orders paid for with PayPal Express, Google Checkout, or Checkout by Amazon do not qualify
  • Purchasing gift certificates do not earn you any Rakuten Super Points

How is the earn amount determined?

The number of Rakuten Super Points that you earn is calculated like this: (item price x quantity selected x earn percentage). Shipping fees, tax and any other fees associated with your order are excluded from the calculation. The percentage for Standard Points is usually 1%, but from time to time may offer special promotions that give you back even more Rakuten Super Points in the form of Promotional Points.

How do I find out how many Rakuten Super Points that I have accrued and that are available?

You can check your Rakuten Super Points balance at any time:

  1. Click on the My Account link in the header of any page.
  2. Click on the Rakuten Super Points Account link.
  3. Enter your account information.
  4. Your accrued balance of Rakuten Super Points and your available balance of Rakuten Super Points once they have matured are both displayed.

Please remember that your points take 45 days to mature.

Do Rakuten Super Points expire?

Standard points expire after 180 days from shipment unless you make a purchase within that time period. If you make a purchase within that time period, all unused standard points are renewed for another 180 days from new order shipment date. They will expire again unless you make another purchase within that period.

Promotional points may have shorter expiration dates, depending on the promotion. Promotional points do not renew regardless of your subsequent purchases on

How do I redeem my Rakuten Super Points?

It’s easy. 45 days from shipment date, your mature available Rakuten Super Points automatically display in your cart and also on the checkout page when you complete your purchase. You can choose how many Rakuten Super Points you want to apply to your balance when you pay for your order.

What is the minimum and maximum Rakuten Super Point redemption?

The minimum number of Rakuten Super Points that you can use to purchase something is 50 Rakuten Super Points. The maximum number of Rakuten Super Points that you can use to purchase something is 25,000 Rakuten Super Points per order or 100,000 Rakuten Super Points per month, whichever is lower.

Can I pay for my order with a mix of Rakuten Super Points and gift certificates?

You can pay for your purchase on with a mix of any of the following methods of payment:

  • Rakuten Super Points
  • Qualifying method of payment such as a credit card (see How do I earn Rakuten Super Points? above for qualifying payment methods)

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