Walmart Credit Cards

Walmart Credit Cards

One of the most frequently used credit cards, Walmart credit card has millions of devoted shoppers who buy every possible article from their store. So Walmart, on a joint venture with GE Money, is offering customers attractive options with good credits. To apply for Walmart credit card, one must have good credit; although the process is quite fast, it does take some time to accept the applications. The less flawed the application, the faster the approval process. In the online process, the applicant can log in and see exactly which stage of approval your application is in. Once this is done, you may have the credit card in matter of weeks.

As the criteria for application is having good credit, all the users get a minimum of twelve point three per cent interest rate initially. Although it is not apparently a reward card, it does have its perks. For example, there is no annual fee attached to the maintenance of the card. You also get additional discounts on Walmart store items and there is a twenty-five-day grace period on all buys. Not only Walmart store purchases, but you can use the card with all the benefits on any purchase from other stores.

There are two Walmart cards available for users: the Walmart Credit Card and the Walmart Discover Card. The latter affords a few more benefits than Walmart Credit Card. The Walmart Discover Card enables you to win up to one percent cash back on all purchases and is accepted wherever Discover cards are accepted, which means you can save ten cents per gallon in some gas stations. If you sign up for e-billing, you can avail a free Fico score, you can get a cash advance sans the annual fee with the card. On top of that, there is zero fraud liability with the card. The regular credit card covers almost all these advantages except that it is not accepted as a Discovery card, so the places outside Walmart where it is accepted is limited.

What attracts customers to Walmart’s credit cards is their no-nonsense policy when it comes to theft. Unlike a number of credit card companies, Walmart offers a zero dollar scam liability. So, if you card is stolen and a purchase is made, you are not liable for the charges. Due to so many layers of protection, users are quite comfortable with using Walmart credit cards during travelling.

The rate of interest is quite standard, ranging from under fourteen to about twenty per cent. The rate ultimately depends on your credit score and also differs from Wlamart Discovery Card to Walmart Credit Card. If you are late in a few payments, you will be charged a higher rate of interest. For minimum charges per month, you will have to pay around three per cent of the total balance on your card. So, it is wise to pay bill every month so that your dues don’t carry over to the next month as this might adversely affect your credit.

Although the card allows a certain degree of freedom, you must keep in mind that it still charges you a certain per cent as interest; so it is best to use the card carefully and not get caught with too bulky a card.